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Jayant Shidhaye is a solar energy expert and in a career of over two decades spent all his time developing and marketing Silicon – Solar Energy Systems.

From the technically complex world of solar electricity…. to art has indeed been quite a transformation. Jayant Shidhaye is now probably the world’s only artist who has used the medium of silicon chips to express his artistic talents.

He has used silicon chip, the same material which is used to make computer chips & and has developed a new art medium – SOLLAGE. (Collage with Solar).

Sollage is indeed a pleasant visual treat. Jayant Shidhaye has created more than 100 Sollages of landscapes, portraits, contemporary and traditional themes and even oleograph sized pieces of art.

The hues and variations of color that these Silicon Chips intrinsically exhibit have accentuated the beauty of his Sollage. Broken chips and rejected silicon chips have been given a magnificent form and meaning by the artist.

The choice of silicon chips to depict difficult subjects like clouds, birds, expressions of joy, depth of the images in landscapes etc., are indeed pleasantly surprising considering the medium that has been used by the artist.

Jayant Shidhaye has no formal training in any form of painting or fine arts. Sollage is developed by him purely instinctively and perfected by the choice of the silicon materials and the subjects he has chosen.

The artist has been an ardent traveler and visited every nook and corner of rural India and many distant parts of the world. His Sollages are indeed a reflection of the sights and scenes he must have seen during his travels.

Sollage as an art form can never be reproduced or reprinted and each Sollage will remain a unique piece due to the fact that the same kind of irregular silicon chips can not be reproduced.